August 13, 2020

How to Approach a B2B Sales Call

Business Coach Warren Coughlin tells us how to best approach the dreaded B2B sales call.

When Mark’s business coach Warren Coughlin came on our podcast to talk about B2B business mentorship he delivered truckloads of wisdom. One of the things that was covered during the talk was having the right mindset when going into a sales call. And while many people find sales, B2B sales calls and the like intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are Warren’s tips for the dreaded B2B sales call.

Be Confident

You need to believe in your product and yourself. This may seem extremely obvious, sales 101, but you will feel like a filthy trickster if you don’t truly believe. In order for your customer to see you as someone who is going to help them they have to believe. And for them to believe, you have to first believe. #Believe.

Be Altruistic

Approach your sales calls with a genuine interest in helping your customer. Be knowledgeable and candid with your advice. Make sure that you are recommending the best solutions for them and not necessarily what will benefit you the most.

Be Non-biased

You should be ready to pass on a sale that isn’t going to be the best for your client. If you know of a better way for them to spend their money, recommend it to them, even if it means loosing the sale. This will reinforce their confidence in you and solidify you as a real person, not just a slimy sales dude.

When you approach a sales call using these tactics you will never come across as the manipulative sales guy. You will come across as someone that people can trust and that they want to deal with. So even if your sale doesn’t close you are building a relationship based on truth and authenticity. This will make people twice as likely to come back and deal with you again and recommend you to others.

For more juicy tips – give the whole podcast featuring Warren Coughlin a listen here.