August 13, 2020

The Top Ten Best Things About Working from Home

Our top ten favourite things about WFH. Hint: number one is an animal.

Leah Earle was a digital content producer at Phanta Media and she really enjoys pj pants. Sadly she left our team to become a full-time parent.  We miss her, but now she gets to WFH everyday!

This was written pre-COVID, but we wanted to share it again because it's just as relevant today as ever!

I'm a firm believer in coming into the office to work. My personality type feeds off the energy of others and it makes a huge difference to my workflow and productivity to be around the rest of my team. I love being able to work through problems, share ideas, and brainstorm in person. I also think it’s good to have a reason to get dressed, brush your teeth, and make yourself presentable everyday.

However, I recently got sick and rather than infect the whole office with my germs, I spent a week working from home. Out of that experience, I realized that there were some real bonuses to working from home.

Here are my top ten most awesome things about working from home.

10. Pants

You don’t have to wear them. If you do wear them, the options are a lot more comfortable then your usual out-of-the house pants.

9. It’s Easy

With your phone, your home computer and the convenience of Google hangouts, Skype, and E-mail, it’s so easy to stay connected with your team that it’s like you are still there.

8. No Preparation

Part of my nighty routine is to prepare for work the next day. I pack a lunch, get my coffee ready, chose my clothes, and put all necessary equipment and notes by the door. If you aren’t leaving the house, you have just found an extra 15-20 min at night to do whatever you want (take that as you will).

7. Special Delivery

I am an avid online shopper but if you aren’t home during the day you need to go out and pick up packages at the post office later that night or on the weekends. You can also have packages delivered to your office but then everyone knows what you got. If you work from home, you are there to accept your packages and can avoid lugging them from work or the post office to home. I didn’t pay for shipping to finish the job myself, FedEx!

6. Time

Not having a commute gives you more time to do actual work. You don’t have to rush out to beat traffic, or to pick up dinner or your kid. Being home makes the time available in a day seem more generous.

5. Gas Money

You have those extra dollar bills you would spend on your commute gas to spend on delivery for dinner (making your day even easier and more stress-free).

4. Avoiding Traffic

I try not to let my morning and evening commute stress me out but I think it’s impossible for a daily standstill on the 404 to not make you a little bit ornery. Less stress increases your overall productivity and happiness.

3. Silence is Golden

Working in an open-concept office there is always someone meeting about something… usually right beside you. It’s easy enough to put on headphones and tune them out but not having to do that for a week is pretty nice.

2.Sleeping In

If you don’t have to get yourself ready and drive to work you can squeeze in an extra few min of sleep which can make all the difference (especially when you are sick).

1. Cat

Your cat loves it when you work from home and will sit on your lap, desk, or keyboard to make sure you know it. It’s nice to be appreciated so much by a co-worker.

I’m not saying I prefer to work from home. In fact, I still feel like the office is the place for me. However, I am happy I live in a technological age where I can work from home without too much fuss.